Consulate Health Care, Is it good enough?

Consulate Health Care is one of hundreds health care’s in the Florida States. As there are more and more health care are established to support human’s health, the rivalry of each health care becomes more competitive. Women’s health care, a child’s health care and some other specific health care are established. Consulate Health Care tries to make use the opportunity of lack senior health care in the United States. They specialize themselves on senior health care services and post-acute care. Yet, it does not mean that only elder people who can pay for the facilities. Children and young people are accepted.

In current years, Consulate has had hundreds of centers nationwide. Approximately 200 centers are operated in 21 states to provide their maximum service. The states including Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Ohio, Virginia, Tennessee, Wisconsin and some other states. It makes Consulate reachable and closer to the patients. To give wider services to the patients, Consulate Health Care offers services from short term rehabilitation, Alzheimer and dementia care. Their motto “Providing Service with Our Hearts and Hands” seems to be convincing and comforting. Every year, the number of patients in Consulate is increasing. It becomes the leading health care in Florida States.

About Consulate Health Care Services

consulate health careAs a leading health care center in the United States, Consulate attempts to give their best service to every patient and resident. One of their ways to give maximum satisfaction to every patient is by hiring qualified nurses and staffs. The Consulate names their employees as their Ambassadors of Care in every Consulate Health Care location, who takes an important role in their success. The qualified nurses, doctors and staffs are able to improve the quality service of Consulate. The skilled nursing care is available for 24 hours. It is aimed at giving extra care to every patient and resident.

Short term rehabilitation also becomes a service given by Consulate. The short term rehabilitation program facilitates the patient to be ready to go back home. The rehabilitation program is named “Your Journey Home”. It ensures the patients are ready enough before leaving the health care. Comprehensive post-acute care, Alzheimer’s and Dementia care are also included into their services. Consulate Health Care has a commitment to help each other by giving health care services. They are ready to give solution to every patient comes to them. Moreover, Consulate provides skilled nurses to care you or people whom you love at home.

With more than 200 centers in 21 states, Consulate becomes more reachable and accessible for everyone. They are able to give their health care service to more people. Nowadays, Consulate operates more than 200 skilled nursing, independent living centers and assisted living in 21 states. With such numbers of employee and health care centers, Consulate has become the leading health care providers, especially for senior health care services. Due to their quality service, Consulate was awarded Bronze National Quality Award in June 7, 2013. They are recognized to improve residents’ lives by their health care services. It means so much.

National Quality Award is presented by Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living. Consulate Health Care corporate office received Bronze award for their Commitment to Quality. It refers to their commitment to improving lives of seniors and persons with disabilities by improving quality of their services. They had performed their commitment to always improving their care for their patients and residents. Quality becomes the priority of Consulate Health Care. Seeing some other health care’s which are changing as the time goes by, Consulate has proven to commit in keep their responsibility to give the best service for patients.

Remembering it has hundreds of centers, Consulate Health Care jobs are opened. For your information, Consulate offers chances for skilled nurses and staffs who want to expand their Consulate Health Care career opportunities. They offer rewarding careers to all employees who want to share to another. It means that Consulate encourages their employees to invite more and more patients to the health care center. Their employees are encouraged to deliver their mission to help others. In short, inside out marketing is applied in Consulate. It can be a very good opportunity for those who want to pursue their career here.

Consulate Health Care Reviews

consulate health careThere will be a short review about Consulate Health Care. Many people say that we can see the quality by seeing the review. Here, we will find out how people think about Consulate. Does it deserve the quality award? Find the answer here. Surprisingly, many reviewers showed their dissatisfaction of Consulate. The reviewers come from people who have ever worked in Consulate and also people whose families have ever cared there. Almost all reviewers say against Consulate, Ranging from the unqualified nurses, uncomfortable health care center and dissatisfied services. To get further about the comments and testimonies, keep on reading.

The first top dissatisfaction comes from the unqualified nurses. Consulate Health Care hires nurses with less experience in handling patients. It makes them look unprofessional in take care the residents. They do not give their best service as in their ads. Perhaps, it is caused by too much residents with less staffs. Yes, the second bad comment against Consulate is about lack of employees. They have numerous residents but less nurses and employees. The only result is they cannot handle all the residents and patients well. They cannot give their maximum service with unbalance ratio between patients, residents and staffs.

Some former nurses in Consulate Health Care convey their dissatisfaction of Consulate management. They alleged that the management is just thinking about money, without thinking both patients and staffs.  All employees work in 12 hour shifts. The family members do not even care about their piled works. Otherwise, the management forces them to work well with best services. The nurses do not have enough time to get rest. It is such unfair for the employees. Consulate Health Care should hire more staffs to handle the residents if quality is their priority.  

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